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Masnoon Duain Urdu


Her Mushkil Ko solve (hal) karen dua hajjaat se ALLAH se daily prayer. Rozee (Earning) barhany k liye aur kisi b musibat ma phasy howe hn to dua hajjaat( hajaat) parhen aur ALLAH se Prayer mangen ALLAH k Hukam se namaz Hajjaat se apki murad pori ho jae gi. You can also find surah of Quran Pak like (سورۃ السجدہ،سورۃ الکھف،سورۃ سورہ الملک،سورۃ الواقعہ،رحمن،سورة يس) Surah (Yaseen, Rehman(رحمٰن), Muzamil(المزمل), Yaasiin, Al-Mulk(سورة تبارك قراءة وإستماع), Yaasin, Maryum, Younas ,kahf , As-Sajdah, Eid Milad-Un-Nabi (Rabi ul Awal) etc from our account.You can find more QURAN e Pak and gain a lot of blessing of ALLAH and there are 10 virtues of reading one word of QURAN Majeed. So lets prepare for the day of JUDGEMENT and Read verses of The Quran e pak shareef and also Suggest to your friends and family to download this islamic app and listen it every day. This is also translated in URDU language and in English as well for the better understanding of the knowledge given by the QURAN-e-PAK. More like YASEEN( Yasin the azkar urdu after azan chori ki doodh peene ki manzil mp3 for downloadHeart of QURAN Shareef), Surah Mulk, Sajdah, Mariyam, IKHLAS, Toba, Kahf, Waqia, Rehman, Fateh, Muzamil, Yusuf, Bakra, Waqia, Muhammad and Surah Jin and e pak Rabi ul awal melad e mustafa, jashne eid melad un nabi, learn beauty parlor course in urdu, learn english in urdu in 10 days only, weight loss tips, darood taaj (tajj), Yajooj Majooj(sign of the day of judgment), car racing game, monster truck racing game, learn about namaz, learn how to offer the prayers etc from our android application account apni namaz durust kijiye masnoon azkar qurani aur masnoon duain dam darood sharif darood pak book.